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Businesses Doing Their Part for our Future

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As news outlets keep us updated on global climate phenomenon, individuals and businesses are considering how they are impacting our future. It wasn’t that long ago when global climate change was not a topic of general discussion, but with headlines like “Greenland lost 11 billion tons of ice in one day. How does that melt compare to the past?” it makes more people sit up and pay attention to what is happening on our planet. Seeing temperature records falling all around the world might make you wonder if the little things that we do can even make a difference. The key is to get many people making little steps that add up. When we all start pitching in, it can make a huge difference!

So what happens when more organizations make an effort to seek out green alternatives to their business efforts? It multiplies the impact that make on our future. Tree In A Box encourages businesses and organizations to put their “Green” foot forward and think about ways they can make a difference. It can be a conscious effort like using ceramic mugs in their break room and eliminating the disposable cups. It can also be instituting an aggressive recycle program within the organization to reduce waste heading to the landfill.

Another way is to find environmentally friendly ways to promote their mission or product. Tree In A Box is proud to support businesses who decide to look for more Eco-Friendly promotional products to give customers and clients. Instead of handing out non-recyclable pens, plastic trinkets or useless items that typically end up in the trash they choose to give something that gives back to the earth.

Corporate business card tree kits

A great way to hand out your company information and show the recipient that you care about the future of the planet is to make our Tree In A Box tree growing kit into a living business card holder and promotional item at the same time. You can even add your logo, mission statement, or event information to the kit by way of a custom seal on the top of the box. Create a marketing piece that shows that you care about our future and makes a statement about your dedication to the highest quality standards.

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Happy Birthday to the Stars and Stripes

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Olympic Spirit

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April Tree Promotion

All orders placed now through April 30th will receive a 10% discount on retail prices of standard and custom grow your own tree kits. It is not too late to get your Earth Day and Arbor Day orders in!  Show friends, family. customers, and employees how much you care about the environment by giving them [...]

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National Love a Tree Day

Any day where you plant a tree or spend time appreciating trees is a great day but May 16th, National Love a Tree Day, holds a special place in the hearts of all of us at Tree In A Box.  While the origins of this special day might be a mystery, the benefits of trees [...]

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Why Plant a Tree: Follow Up

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Celebrate the National Park Service’s 99th Birthday with Free Entry to All National Parks on Tuesday August 25th.

Celebrate the National Park Service’s 99th Birthday with Free Entry to All National Parks on Tuesday August 25th. President Woodrow Wilson signed the Organic Act on August 25, 1916.This act created the National Park Service.The National Park Service was a federal bureau within the Department of the Interior that would be responsible for protecting the 35 national parks and monuments currently established [...]

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