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How do you recognize your employees or clients this season?

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How do you recognize your employees or clients this season?

A long-standing tradition, this time of year, is recognizing employees, customers or clients with a small gift to say thank you. This year why not give them something unique, something they can either keep at work or enjoy at home. Tree In A Box offers our standard tree kits for those who have a particular preference on tree type like Red Maple or 


Giant Sequoia. You can also corporate brand the kits for an extra touch to keep your company name in front of your customers and clients. Corporate branded tree kits are perfect for giving as gifts to employees, friends, and clients. They also make for a great “gift with purchase” promotional item for customers. During this time of year, Tree In A Box also has a specially designed Christmas Tree In A Box kit to reflect the holidays.

Offering employees and customers a token of your appreciation that also helps the environment is a great way to show them that you care about both them and the environment. Our trees can be grown either as a bonsai indoors by keeping it in a small pot or grown into its full potential by planting it outside after it has matured. Tree In A Box tree growing kits make great appreciation gifts. Not only are you giving someone a wonderful gift, you are also providing a truly wonderful gift to the world with one of natures best air purifiers and coolers.

large-tree-of-life.jpg  small-purple-pendant.jpg stone-opalite.jpglocket-lapis.jpg

For those who want to add a little something extra, how about adding a beautiful Tree of Life pendant. We have recently added four different pendant options that can purchase individually, or along with a tree kit to provide a truly unique gift this holiday season. The Chakra Tree of Life Pendant is a 1.5” round pendant with beautifully colored stones in an array of color to compliment any outfit. The smaller Tree of Life pendant is a 1.125” round pendant available in amethyst, garnet, Tourmaline, and Chakra multi colors. You may also be drawn to our new Natural Stone pendants that come with a large stone in various colors. Looking for something really special, our Tree of Life Locket is a beautiful option. It comes with your choice of stone inside the locket. This stone can be changed to coordinate with an outfit, removed, or replaced with an aromatherapy oil pad. If you still can’t decide, why not mix and match or order one of each?

We like to thank everyone who orders these gifts in recognition of others, because these gifts truly provide a gift to all of us.

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