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Spring Is Here!

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Spring Fundraiser Season is here and Tree In A Box is here to help. 

Spring officially showed up in the Northern Hemisphere at 9:15am (PDT) on Tuesday, March 20th. Like many of you, I have been waiting months to get outside and soak up some sun while working on my spring “To Do” list. Now that spring is here, it means it is time to kick up some dirt and wake up those green thumbs. As we start to review our lists and look at the calendar, we note that our “free labor workers” (I mean our kiddos), will be out for Spring Break. This also means there is not much time left in the school year.

Local PTAs and PTOs across the country are working hard to get their last fundraisers launched before the end of the school year. Ever wondered what that money raised go towards? We did too until my wife and I both joined the Parent organization at our daughter’s school. Sadly, we all know most schools are underfunded and struggle every year to make sure they meet the needs of the students. Funds raise through school fundraisers and events are used to purchase items that the district does not provide and the school cannot afford. Some of these underfunded items include field trips for students, books for the library, computers/tablets, basic classroom supplies, and a whole host of other items. There are also many non-tangible items that these funds can be used for. I am sure many of you have attended a “community” or “family” night event at your child’s school. These events are usually funded by monies raised by the PTA/PTO as a way to develop community connection and involvement in the school. Schools can be a common hub for the community and events that bring people to the school help encourage those in the area to get to know others around them.

Fundraisers are important to PTA/PTO organizations, without them items like books for the library, field trips and community events may never happen. This can have an adverse effect on student engagement in the learning process. As parents, former PTO board members, and regular school volunteers the Tree In A Box staff understands how important it is to invest in our future. These reasons are why we offer customized fundraising programs to schools and other non-profit organizations across the US. We work with PTA/PTO organizations to develop a fundraiser based on our standard Tree In A Box tree growing kits to maximize income going back to the school. 

Spring is the perfect time to set up your “Grow Your Own Tree” fundraiser, just in time for Earth Day or Arbor Day. Contact us today to get started!  The Tree In A Box: Plant a Tree Fundraiser program is a terrific way to raise money AND be earth friendly. 

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      Spring Fundraiser Season is here and Tree In A Box is here to help. Spring …

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      Olympic SpiritLike many of you I have been watching various events in …

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