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Carbon Offset

Trees are one of the most effective carbon sinks on the planet and yard and park trees are more effective than forest trees because of their singular size and situation in a more open area. A single yard tree is so effective that it can absorb up to 1.25 tons of carbon dioxide over its normal lifetime. Two mature trees provide enough oxygen for a family of four. Trees are on the job 24 hours a day, working to improve our environment and quality of life.

Weddings and other significant events can be a major planning challenge. One negative aspect (besides the possible exhaustion from planning) is the carbon footprint created by your event. Airplane flights are by far the biggest factor in your carbon footprint as well as vehicle travel, trips to and from the airport and general driving in preparation for your event. Planting trees from TREE IN A BOX can help offset this.

Calculate your carbon footprint


Months to plan      
Number of Guests      
Short Flights      
Medium Flights      
Long Flights      
Rehearsal dinner Guests      
Wedding Guests      
Reception Guests      
Miles per Car    
Hotel rooms   pounds of CO2
Nights/ room   tons of CO2
Number of Trees required
to offset your footprint:


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