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Why Plant a Tree: Follow Up

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    Why Plant a Tree: Follow Up

                                                       Beauty of the west

So in a previous post we talked a little bit about why planting a tree is a great idea, so lets keep that theme going by looking at some of the other benefits to having your own forest of great trees.

When was the last time you went to a nursery or green house and looked at the cost of many of those plants for your garden or landscaping project? Comparatively, trees are the least expensive plants you can add to your property when you consider the impact they can have based on their size.  A cherry tree can also be more fragrant by perfuming the air with 200,000 flowers. They can also raise property values by as much as 15 percent. Trees can instill a sense of peacefulness, restfulness and tranquility. This may explain why neighborhoods and homes that are barren have shown to have greater incidences of violence in and out of the home when compared to their greener counterparts.

Hospitals also take advantage of the power of trees when considering patients abilities to see this greenery. It has been shown patients recover from surgery more quickly, had fewer complaints, required less pain killers and left the hospital sooner. Nature has such a profound impact on our health why can’t we take advantage of that when we are at home not feeling well, I know I feel better when I am sick to look out and see a beautiful grove of trees looking back at me.

Trees are great company to have when reflecting on one’s self and to one’s life’s’ changes. The trees can relax us so we can have some good quality time for internal reflection.

There are many more benefits to planting trees and we will continue to visit in upcoming posts. If you would like to have one of nature’s healers and relaxants, make sure you visit our storefront and find the perfect Tree In A Box for your yard.

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