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Planting Instructions



emma1.jpgThe seed packet in this kit contains several seeds. Use about four initially & refrigerate the rest. Be sure to give your tree plenty of time to sprout. It may take 8 weeks or better in the winter.

Soil temperature is one of the most important factors in sprouting your seed! Soil must get warm every day. This is effectively achieved by placing the pot in a sunny south window, but warmth is better than sun until it sprouts.

1. remove disk from inside peat pot
2. place your peat pot with Magic Pellet in a shallow dish.
3. Fill pot with warm water and watch the Magic Pellet expand to fill the pot!
4. Place 4 seeds just under the surface of the soil and place in a sunny window.

 Moist not over saturated…

Keep pot moist until germination but do not over saturate. Let the pot dry enough to allow air to the seed, drying on the outside but never losing all of its moisture inside.


 Winter means patience…

In the winter, because of cool temperatures & low sun angle, your seed may take 6 to 8 weeks to sprout! Be patient! Remember you are growing a tree that will be here for generations! It can sprout in 3 to 4 weeks in summer.

One week after spouting, plant the entire peat pot into a larger pot with additional dirt. Your tree needs the nutrients from the new dirt and it will also be easier to maintain proper moisture in the larger pot. If you have more than one sprout, separate the sprouts by running tap water into the peat pot until everything is very loose. Gently transfer all but one into a separate larger pot that is already prepared with a soil/peat mix and has a finger hole prepared to accept the tree. The delicate hairs on the roots must be in the dry air an absolute minimum of time.



planting.jpgDeciduous trees grow faster.

During the winter your sprout may grow very little. Trees, even when indoors, go at least somewhat dormant in the winter. In the spring you will see new leaves or needles begin to form and a healthy spurt of growth begin. For the first few years, evergreens will grow slowly, developing their roots and acclimating to their specific environment. Thereafter it will grow one to one and a half feet per year.

Deciduous trees will grow much faster and can reach several feet in the first couple of seasons.

In its first seasons provide protection from sun and wind by placing a screen around the seedling. Also provide protection every winter in cold climates until the tree is several years old. Mulch your tree to keep weeds and grass from choking it and to help keep the ground cool and moist.



The best time to transplant your tree outside is late Spring. It should be at least 3″ to 5″ tall and you must “harden” the seedling by placing it outdoors in partial shade for several days. If it is very hot begin with short hours and work up to a full day. If there is danger of frost, bring it in at night. Make sure you protect the small seedling from birds, cats etc. who may think you’ve put out a dainty little treat for them.

Water regularly, especially during the first year. Early spring and late fall watering is especially important to get it through its heavy growth and dormant stages.

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