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Jewelry and Art

Tree In A Box is excited to feature various tree related jewelry and art pieces that make great gifts both on their own as well as be used to enhance your Tree In A Box grow your own tree kits.  




Crystal Miyake

Crystal Miyake started creating art when she was young, constantly finding something to glue to something else. Over the years she has learned that it's more rewarding making and owning something handmade rather than mass produced. Spending her 20s in Portland, OR, she was surrounded by some of the most interesting and creative ways to express her inner artist. Now, residing in Chattanooga, TN, she is consistently inspired by nature and the desire to learn new skills to perfect her creations.  


 Hand Painted Wooden Necklace




Here we will feature wonderful jewelry items that coordinate with our products.  Pendants can be attached to or placed inside our tree kits.  Combining these items with a tree growing kit make a great gift, event favor, or customer thank you.  

Chakra Tree of Life Pendant: 1.5" Round Chakra pendant


Tree of Life Gemstone Pendant: 1.125" Round pendant with gemstones

 dark-multi-pendant.jpg small-purple-pendant.jpgtree-of-life-garnet.jpg tree-of-life-chakra.jpg 

Tree of Life Natural stone Pendant:

   stone-amethyst-3.jpg stone-rose-quartz.jpg stone-opalite.jpg stone-lapis.jpg 

Tree of Life Stone Locket: 

  locket-amethyst.jpg locket-lapis.jpg locket-opalite.jpg 


    Since 1991, we've sold over 2.2 million tree kits.

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