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Valentine's Day Gifting: Trees and Jewelry

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and thoughts of "what should I get" are weighing on the minds of many. You want something that really says you love someone but also something that won’t end up in the garbage in a week after it is eaten or dies. Tree In A Box has you covered! Our trees make a wonderful gift that grows as your love grows year after year. You may gift it to your someone special, but the tree also gives back to all of us.

Hand painted Birch Tree Necklace  Chakra Tree Of Life Pendant Natural Stone Pendant

Add a beautiful piece of jewelry to your tree kit order to take your gift to the next level. Tree In A Box has a great selection of coordinating gifts to go with our trees. We offer 1.5” Chakra Tree of Life Pendant, 1.125” Tree of Life Gemstone Pendant, Tree of Life Natural Stone Pendant, Tree of Life Stone Locket, or a truly One of a Kind handcrafted Birch Tree Wooden Necklace.

You can even include a handwritten personalized note with your order. 

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