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Why Plant a Tree: Part 3

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Why Plant a Tree: Part 3

                     Tree Erosion

Let’s talk about another compelling reason why we should plant trees around us. Across the country many of us have experienced, over the last few years, record rainfall or at a minimum higher than normal rainfall levels. While many areas desperately needed the water, others were plagued by landslides and sink holes that damaged roads and swallowed cars.

You might be asking how record rainfall relates to planting trees, the answer to that is multi layered. Tree planting on susceptible slopes can reduce risk of a slide before it happens while tree planting on failed slopes can help control the after-effects of landslides. Bare hillsides are both unsightly and unstable. Trees and other vegetation help hold soil on steep grades by their networks of roots. The deep, extensive root systems of trees create a subterranean structure that supports the structure of the slope or hillside. Trees also help divert water in different directions so that the water flow is not able to continuously erode a certain path.

When rain falls it has to go somewhere, trees help rain water soak into the ground rather than run off the surface and into storm drains. When we reduce the amount of tree cover, we can significantly increase the amount of run off which can in turn lead to sewer backups and localized flooding, including into basements.

Trees not only help hold rain water from going into the storm water system, they also help prevent soil erosion. Tree roots help the soil from being washed down with the rain and prevent that soil from reaching our storm water systems. The roots are not the only component of a tree that help hold water in the soil, tree leaves also act as water conservationists by slowing water evaporation. Also as a tree transpires, they increase the atmospheric moisture.

As we discussed in a previous post, trees also make great filters to remove many pollutants traveling further into our natural water systems. While in some areas of the country people are getting record amounts of rain, it does not mean the water will be retained where we need it. By using the natural benefits of water retention and usage, trees make a great addition to any landscaping scheme. Not only do they look spectacular, they are a great way for all of us to do our part for one of our most precious natural resource, but from keeping our aging storm water infrastructures from getting overwhelmed and flooding your house or your neighbor’s house.

                                                    Sycamore book cover

There are many more benefits to planting trees, if you would like to have one of nature’s water conservationists, make sure you visit our storefront and find the perfect Tree In A Box for your yard.  We have kits to grow your own tree from seed as well as two year old seedlings available. 

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