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Why plant a tree?

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Why plant a tree?

Typically when we plant a tree it is primarily for its beauty, the shade it will provide and to tie into some sort of landscaping plan. Because there are so many other scientific benefits to trees, we at Tree In A Box encourage everyone to plant trees anywhere they can.

Trees can sooth and relax us helping us connect with our natural surroundings. Green is a naturally soothing color and helps our eyes recover form strain, so wouldn’t it be nice to go to your yard after a long day on a computer straining your eyes to look at a lush green tree and just relax.

We all know that carbon dioxide (CO2) is added to our atmosphere from many sources and is not a good thing for us, so why not have your own personal forest of CO2 scrubbers by planting trees to help reduce all those CO2 emissions. Over one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced by a car driving 26,000 miles. Not only do they scrub out the CO2, but they also absorb odors and pollutant gases and filters them out by trapping them in their leaves and bark. To put the cherry on top, the year it is scrubbing the air, that same acre is providing enough oxygen for 18 people.

Now that we have some air cleaners, what about discussing how trees can act like natural air conditioners? Trees can reduce outside air temperatures by blocking sunlight and when water evaporates from the leaf surface. The evaporation from one tree can produce the cooling effect of 10 room size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day. Let’s face it trees around your house look much better than those window AC units hanging out of every window. They are also considerably less noisy than those units since trees actually absorb and reduce noise by up to 40 percent.

There are many benefits to planting trees and we will visit a number of them in coming posts. Until then make sure you visit our storefront and find the perfect Tree In A Box that would make a great addition to your yard.

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