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What Happens to Your Trade Show Swag?

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                                   Trade Show Swag

                                      What Happens to Your Trade Show Swag?

Ever wonder what happens to the swag you pass out at trade shows? With a limited budget for marketing, it is critical to spend your dollars wisely and not invest in items that will just end up in the landfill.You have to choose products that will remind potential customers of your brand for days, months, and even years to come.To do this, you need to select swag that stands out, is unique, and can be enjoyed by the recipient. Great promotional items will get your name mentioned, drive traffic to your booth, and increase sales; where poor low quality swag will get your marketing dollars tossed in the nearest trash can.


Pens are a common choice but did you know that, according to the EPA, over 1.6 billion pens end up in the trash each year.Yes that is billion with a “B". How many of those pens have your company name or logo on them? Typical pens handed out at conferences are poor quality and will quickly be tossed.


T-shirts can be hit or miss. First you have to come up with a neat design or phrase to put on your shirt.Simply putting your logo can spell death for your marketing plan since the shirt will inevitably end up in the “work shirt” pile at home and never be seen by other potential customers.Then you need to worry about getting the right number of each size, we are not a one size fits all world.

Water Bottles

Bottled water with your logo on the label is sure to get tossed.Once the water is gone, there is no need to hold onto the bottle and it either gets recycled or tossed in the trash.Not good for keeping your name in the minds of customers and terrible for the environment.Plus, if you think about it, where do people hold the bottle? Yep, right in the middle where your logo is so even while the bottle is being used, your name and logo cannot be seen. Reusable water bottles are better for keeping your name in the hands of consumers but the way they are manufactured can also be very environmentally unfriendly.


Keychains were popular for a while but they have been overdone.Take a look at your keys, how many branded key chains do you have on there? If you are like me none because the key fob that goes to my care is bulky enough.No one wants to carry a time of key chains around.Sure to end up in the trash or in our house, they end up in the kid’s play room.

USB Drives

USB flash drives are great but people tend to have lots of them already and yours might end up in the growing pile.They were great for transporting documents from one computer to another but now most people upload to the cloud so they have access to their documents anywhere.

Phone Case

How about phone cases?Just about everyone has a phone so you might think this is a great idea but take a look at your phone.Does it have a logo on it or did you pick out a cover that you liked? Phones are very personal items, ones that people customize to their liking.They are not likely to put company promotional cover on their phones.Even if you can get people to use them, people also have different types on phones, you run the risk of alienating people that do not have a phone that fits the case you select.

Don’t spend your marketing dollars on swag that will get abandoned in a hotel room or thrown out. Ideal swag items last beyond the conference and create positive buzz about your company and products.

Don't Throw Your Marketing Dollars In the Trash

Put your marketing budget towards a more unique and memorable experience for attendees with a better swag item.  Give your booth guests a branded grow your own tree kit from Tree In A Box and watch your client base sprout and grow just like a tree. Tree kits show your customers that you care about the environment.  Rather than give them something that ends up in the trash at the end of the day, give them something that will be enjoyed for years.  Tree In A Box kits make a great investment for your marketing dollars. 

Order today and step up your swag game at your next conference!

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