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Tree In A Box in the Running for FedEx Small Business Grant


For the fourth year, FedEx is holding a contest offering grants to small businesses.  Winning companies gain more than just the grant, they also become a part of a community of successful entrepreneurs, gain and share valuable insights from peers, and receive great exposure for their businesses.  Grants will be offered to 10 winning small businesses and range from $7,500 to $25,000. 

This year, Tree In A Box has entered the grant contest in hopes to take home one of the grant prizes as well as all the knowledge that we could learn from the FedEx Small Business Community.  

Winning one of grants would allow us to "grow" (pun intended!) Tree In A Box to the next level.  We would use grant money to purchase a new custom seal printer.  Our current seal printer is a challenge to use and causes significant waste getting seals to print with the quality our customers expect from our product.  Reduction of waste is very important to us as we try to be conscientious of our environmental impact through all aspects of our business.  In addition to a new custom seal printer, the grant will afford us the ability to bring on a sales rep for the mid-west and East coast regions to expand our market.  

Help Tree In A Box make the world a greener place and support our environment!  

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