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Plant a Mother’s Tree for Mother’s Day

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Plant a Mother’s Tree for Mother’s Day



Mother’s Day is this weekend and while looking for great gift ideas for my mother and mother-in-law, something more creative than flowers or brunch, I came across the history of Solan Parkes and the Mother’s Tree.

Solan Parkes, among being things like a conservationist and originator of The Forest Guides, he was a loving son who vowed to make his mother feel special on her next Mother’s Day, after she shared her feeling of neglect to her son.Sadly his mother passed before the next Mother’s day so Solan decided to honor her memory. He was known as the originator of custom of planting trees on Mother's Day. On May 13, 1923, Parkes planted a white birch near Antietam Lake in Lower Alsace Township to honor not only his mother but mothers everywhere.

                                         Mother's Tree Plaque

Being a conservationist, Solan Parkes partnered with the American Forestry Association and created a national Mother's Tree movement.The movement became so popular that President Calvin Coolidge planted a birch tree on the White House lawn in 1924 to honor the mothers of presidents. Congress followed in suit and planted a tree on Capitol Building grounds to honor all American mothers. In 1928 a birch tree was planted at the grave of George Washington’s mother and in 1932 the gold star mothers planted a white birch in Arlington cemetery to honor the mother of the Unknown Soldier.Mother’s Trees have been planted across the country and there are even some in France and Canada.

The original Mother’s Tree died many years ago but in 2014 a new white birch tree was planted at Antietam Lake Park and rededicated to mothers everywhere.They even used the original shovel that Solan Parkes and President Coolidge used to plant the original Mother’s Tree in 1923 and the first White House Mother’s Tree in 1924.The Antietam Lake Park Mother’s Tree is often adorned with ribbons or flowers in white honoring deceased mothers and pink to honor living mothers.

This Mother’s day do something special for the moms in your life, they do a lot without looking for much in return.Plant a tree in her honor and reflect on the wonderful thing she does or did for you every time you pass by.

This year, honor your Mom with a Tree Dedication.Plant a seedling or start your own tree from seed and watch it grow year after year. Your tree will be a place to reflect on the wonderful thing she does or did for you every time you pass by.

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