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How can you have a Green Wedding

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We wanted to say thank you to all of you who are returning to read the next installment on ideas of how you can offset your wedding carbon footprint. I invite those who have not read part 1 yet to review our previous post about reasons why you should have a Green Wedding.

Let’s talk about paper products first; this includes everything from your invitations to thank you cards. Recycled or recyclable paper is an obvious choice for many, but have you also thought about what type of ink is used on your paper goods. Soy based inks have a smaller environmental impact compared to regular ink. Compostable cups, utensils, napkins, and plates keep waste out of our landfills as they are biodegradable and compostable offering a zero waste solution. When you think about how many people will be celebrating your momentous occasion with you it can make a considerable environmental impact.

When we think about food, we all know eating healthy is a good idea, but what about eating local. Supporting local growers not only supports your local economy but also gives you a direct choice in using organics and sustainable grown and harvested products. Sourcing your wedding menu locally also cuts carbon usage of importing foods from further away.Local sourcing also allows you to purchase fresh in season produce that has great flavor and will be enjoyed by all of your guests.

When planning your wedding, either with or without the assistance from a professional planner, remember this is your day and you are making the decisions.If you want to support green companies and practices to off-set the carbon footprint of your big day make sure your planner or “helpers” stick to your vison of a dream wedding. Having a green wedding does not have to cost more than a traditional wedding, sourcing green aspects to your wedding or purchasing local can save you money by buying only what you need, reducing waste and forgoing much of the frivolous “bling” that you may have no use or need for. These minor adjustments to include green products in your wedding can translate into energy, water and other resource savings that you may not have even thought would be impacted by your big day.

Green weddings can be both creative and fun due to the fact that the people planning them are planning them around what is important to them and what they are passionate about. This can spur DIY projects for you and your “helpers” as well as get creative juices flowing from all who are involved in the planning process. One way that Tree In A Box loves to be involved in a couples special day is by showing you how our trees can offset much of the carbon footprint associated with your celebration.


Couples have used Tree In A Box kits for a wide variety of creative uses at their weddings. Tree In A Box tree growing kits can be used as Groomsmen and Bridesmaid gifts, guest gifts, table decorations and favors, seating placement labels, and many more creative ideas. The best part of all these ideas is that no matter how they are used, they are a living growing reminder of the love that made that special day possible.Each time one of your guests enjoys the shade from the tree they planted , it will remind them of your beautiful day.

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