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Green Weddings

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                                                                        Green Weddings

It's your special day and if you are like my wife, you have your ideal wedding planned out in your mind (or a giant binder full of pages with pictures of dresses, cakes, flowers, and favors.  When you envision your wedding, does it include Eco-friendly and low environmental impact options? 

The choices you make regarding your big day will last forever as memories in not only your mind but also those of your family and guests as well. Your rings are a given for being a memory that will last.  Other keepsakes might include copies of your invitation, table place cards, table decorations, and more.  We have a keepsake box full of items from the wedding that remind us of our special day. Looking into the box, we smile at the memories we have when we see things like our cake topper, toasting glasses, and more.  These mementos and memories remind us of the choices we made to minimize the environmental impact of one of the most important days in our lives.

So let’s talk about reasons why you should think about having your own “Green or Eco-Friendly Wedding.”  Making green choices can save you money. Being closer to nature is always a good way to reduce stress and let’s face it while this is one of the happiest days of your life, stress can find its way in. By choosing "green" wedding elements, you are choosing to make a difference! Not only a difference in the environment, but you would also be supporting green businesses and Eco-friendly products. This is a great way to educate more people on being green. By planning your wedding to incorporate green aspects, it gives you ultimate control to make an event truly unique that you and all your guests will remember forever. This gives you carte blanche to bring out your creative side, to make it as fun and creative as you are. If we look at the carbon footprint of your wedding, we can then look at ways that we may be able to offset this negative impact on what should be a positive and happy day. 

Stay tuned for our next post about ideas of how you can offset your carbon footprint.

There is nothing like starting a healthy life together by starting out making healthy decisions for you, your guests and our Earth!

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