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Don't Fence Me In (Maybe do)

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Recently, like many, I was traveling for the holidays and my travels took me through the Rocky Mountain Region. As we cruised along the highway I got a question from my daughter that caught me slightly off guard. To give a little background, I grew up in this area of the country so this particular question never really came up, local residents just kind of knew the answer. My daughter asked me; “What the random tall fences were for?” Now those of us that grew up in snowy climates know what these are and most pay them no attention. For those that grew up in temperate climates, have most likely never seen them. Still wondering what I am talking about? I am referring to the fences that do not keep your livestock wrangled up or your property closed in, but those wonderful fences that trap the snow and keep that white stuff piled there instead of on the road.

Snow Fence

To those that have rumbled down our nations highways and byways and seen these odd fences along the roadways can rest knowing that there is in fact a purpose for them. According to Wikipedia, a snow fence is a barrier that forces windblown, drifting snow to accumulate in a desired place. There are a number of uses depending on your needs, but in short, they collect the snow in a desired place instead of places you may not want it, like the highway.

Living Snow Fence

Some of you may live in these areas and may have your own snow fences. While some snow fences are build out of wood slat or polyethylene, there is an alternative to these manmade wonders that works just as well and looks even more natural. I am talking about the Living Snow Fence. The Arbor Day Foundation, Colorado State University, University of Minnesota and others have all looked at how much more beneficial Living Snow Fences are than the typical built fences. Most are made of trees or shrubs planted in rows to act like their manmade brethren. However, they have many more benefits. According to the Arbor Day Foundation Living Snow fences save energy, increase safety by decreasing the need to clear roads with plows, and are more cost effective. They also take less work to maintain. Living Snow Fences store snow at a low cost, provide wonderful wildlife habitat, look much nicer, harvest water, and last longer; growing larger every year. With all of these benefits, it is no wonder that these fences are being implemented more and more, with a much better return for all of us.

If you are ready to start your own Living snow fence or just want to have a nice row of evergreens, head over and check out our collection of evergreen tree kits and find the one that grows best in your area. 

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