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Crater Lake and its Natural Beauty

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Nothing quite compares to the wonder and awe of nature’s beauty. The Tree In A Box family was fortunate enough to recently take a trip to Oregon to visit Crate Lake.  We were able to take in the stunning views of this National Park. It is truly amazing that we are lucky enough to have these natural wonders to enjoy and feel that it is our responsibility to keep them pristine for future generations to enjoy. 

It is incredible to think that this beautiful lake was created by one of the largest volcanic explosions in history. Mt. Mazama exploded 7,700 years ago, collapsed on itself, and created the caldera that has been filled with rain and snow melt creating one of the most stunning lakes I have seen. The deep blue color is a sight to see and the history of the creation of Crater Lake and Wizard island is one that is sure to peak interest from even younger children.  You can read more about its history here.

Have you visited Crater Lake or other National Parks recently? Share your photos of Crater Lake or photos of the most beautiful places you have visited this summer. We would love to see where you have been and perhaps it may encourage us or others to seek out those places or similar places and enjoy what nature has to offer. Nature in all its splendor is almost impossible to beat; the sights, smells and sounds are something everyone should experience. 

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