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Clean Air Purifier

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Some take clean air for granted, while others perhaps have never seen clean air and blue sky as a daily occurrence. We have all heard the stories of how pollution has had massive impacts on China. A study published in The Lancet reported that in 2015 1.8 million people in China were killed due to air pollution related issues. When your pollution levels have reached a point where you have issued a warning for people no to go outside for an extended amount of time for over 3.9 million square miles, you may have an issue that needs to be addressed.

Nature has provided us with the one of the most amazing air purifiers that don’t require frequent filter changes. Trees truly does provide us with a breath of fresh air. However, when you have a high concentration of population one of the first things to be removed is trees and other large plants to make way for the concrete and steel living structures. Around the globe we see forests and green spaces being decreased at alarming rates. Even though the younger smaller trees do not filter as much air as the larger old growth ones, it is important that we replenish our tree inventory as much as possible. When it is not possible to plant as many trees and other living filters to offset the pollution of the area, other ideas have to considered.

This is where China’s innovative ideas have started to be utilized and tested. According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese scientists have developed and deployed the “worlds biggest air purifier.” At 328 feet, this was no small experiment. This shows China’s drive to find possible solutions to their air quality problems. Results have shown improvements in air quality over an area of almost 4 square miles and has produced over 353 million cubic feet of clean air. These preliminary results show promise of solutions like this and perhaps pave the way for other ideas that can help us keep the air clean for future generations to enjoy.

Perhaps you do not have room in your yard to construct a 328-foot air purifier, but perhaps you have some space to plant a couple of trees to help us all breath a little better. Visit Tree In A Box and pick your favorite tree and start your urban forest today.

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