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Happy Father's Day and Graduation Season


Father's Day Grow your own tree kit.

Happy Father’s day and Congratulations Graduate two great milestones celebrated very close to each other. How do you memorialize an event in a way people will remember and one that won’t end up in the trash or recycle bin? Something unique that the recipient will not get duplicates of and even if they do, it is great to have more than one of. The perfect gift to meet these needs is a personalized Tree In A Box grow your own tree from seed kit. 

Wouldn’t it be great to look out your window to see a beautiful tree standing there that reminds you of such a special occasion? Trees make a positive impact on our environment, just like the celebrated person makes a positive impact in our lives.

Busy planning your celebration, no time for gift shopping? Tree In A Box tree growing kits can be turned around and shipped with such speed that it is one less worry you have when planning your celebration. Most orders ship within 24 hours, if orders are placed in the morning, they can even ship same day.

Dad can even grow his tree as a bonsai, strategically placed on the corner of his desk where he will see it and think about you every day. These memories will brighten his day and yours too knowing that not only is he smiling because of a special gift from you, but also because he has his own little oxygen generator right there on his desk providing him with fresh air rather than breathing stagnant office air. This year you can give the guy truly who has everything something different that will last for years to come.

Your graduate can also establish “roots” for their future and you can see their tree grow right alongside them as they both make an impact on our world in their own individual way. They may both grow in their own path, but both will none the less remind you of their importance and impact. What a way to celebrate a graduation party by having all the guests take home their very own tree to watch grow as they see the graduate take on new growth in their life. It is quite a sight to go back to your childhood home and see how much the area has changed. It fascinates me every time I visit my childhood home, to see how big the trees are that I planted when I was young. Every time I see them, it takes me back to when I was young, I cherish the memories these trees bring to me and that I can share them with my own child.

Every June, we celebrate both of these events and both are quite unique, why not give something as unique as a gift of celebration. 

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