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Arbor Day

Arbor Day                                        Arbor Day is celebrated globally although the dates may be different around the world, the celebration remains very much similar. Arbor Day from the Latin arbor meaning tree is a holiday based on individuals and groups whom are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Looking back on the history of this holiday, it is said that the [...]

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Leap Year

LEAP YEAR             Let’s face it, nearly every four years there is a leap year and it goes by without much thought. Well this year I thought to myself what is really behind this phenomenon? According to Wikipedia a leap year, also known as an intercalary year or bissextile year, is a year [...]

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Why Plant a Tree: Part 3

Why Plant a Tree: Part 3                      Let’s talk about another compelling reason why we should plant trees around us. Across the country many of us have experienced, over the last few years, record rainfall or at a minimum higher than normal rainfall levels. While many areas desperately needed the water, others were plagued by [...]

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Why Plant a Tree: Follow Up

    Why Plant a Tree: Follow Up                                                       So in a previous post we talked a little bit about why planting a tree is a great idea, so lets keep that theme going by looking at some of the other benefits to having your own forest of great trees. When was the last time you went to a [...]

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Why plant a tree?

                                                              Why plant a tree?Typically when we plant a tree it is primarily for its beauty, the shade it will provide and to tie into some sort of landscaping plan. Because there are so many other scientific benefits to trees, we at Tree In A Box encourage everyone to plant trees anywhere they can. Trees can sooth and [...]

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Urban Trees Help Clean Our Stormwater

Urban Trees Help Clean Our StormwaterIn urban environments many cities around the globe use biofiltration systems to capture and filter potentially contaminated water running off and causing pollution. The research on how soils and woody plants like trees filter water is not extensive and is lacking. The University of Melbourne tried to fill in this gap as much as [...]

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Tu B’Shevat – The New Year for Trees

Tu B’Shevat – The New Year for Trees Though it occurs in January/February on the Gregorian calendar, Tu B’Shevat is associated with the start of spring in Israel and is observed as sort of national Arbor Day. This year starting on the evening of January 24th and ending on the evening of January 25th (the 15th [...]

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2015 Holiday Shipping Reminders

Holiday Shipping Reminders The holidays are rapidly approaching and the rush is coming to get packages shipped in time for a Christmas arrival.Below you will find a breakdown of important shipping dates to keep in mind when placing your order.If you need Christmas deliver please read below:Local Pick-up: We will be available until 5:00 PM on Wednesday December [...]

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Christmas Traditions Around the World (Giveaway)

In a previous post I talked about a US tradition regarding the Christmas pickle, but what about other countries? Well let’s see if our neighbors around the world have traditions that we might think are just as strange.If you live in a certain region of Spain you may have the tradition of placing a Caganer figure in amongst the [...]

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The Lore of the Christmas Pickle and a Giveaway

The Lore of the Christmas PickleHow many of you reading this has taken part in this tradition? I haven’t yet but it sounds fun and there is plenty time to find a great pickle ornament to hide on the tree. Those who haven’t why not give it a try this year, the kids will love it! What is [...]

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